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Adult Matters blog emphasizes shared leadership, collective creativity


A team of adult educators at Newport-Mesa USD Adult School have united to produce “Adult Education Matters,” a blog dedicated to featuring “posts on the unique issues that matter most to adult educators.” Readers have access to current research, useful ways to put that into practice, digital tools and the support and ideas of their fellow teachers.  

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Hugely Pract-ast-ical!

I have a sickness that I have to confess. It started about 15 years ago. It seems that whenever I work on some issue, my brain becomes fully immersed in it. I’m almost constantly thinking about it. So, whenever I go to the movies I have to view the movie in the context of the issue. My children no longer come with me to movies because many years ago they got sick of me always asking, “So, kids, what are the implications of Kung Fu Panda for education reform?” (I was working on K-12 reform issues at the time.)