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Gender gap in college completion

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Posted Monday August 11

Minnesota Public Radio’s Alex Friedrich conducted a survey regarding the perception of what it means to attend community college. Read the...

Posted Tuesday October 11
Author : Gloria Crisp

In the fall of 2006, a study of students at a south-central U.S. community college explored the degree to which mentoring contributed to...

Posted Monday October 03
Author : Nancy Zimpher
Public Source:


In this article, State University of New Yorks (SUNY) chancellor Nancy Zimpher describes SUNY’s dedication to discover...

Posted Monday September 26

Recognizing the important role that counselors play in nurturing students toward degree attainment, the College Board’s National Office...

Posted Monday September 19
Author : Edited by Kay McClenney & Byron McClenney

This publication chronicles real-life stories from presidents/chancellors and trustees at the 12 community colleges supported by The California...

Posted Thursday September 08

Examining recent trends in student lending, this study outlines a worrisome future. How do student loans fare in light of the broader economy?...

Posted Monday November 29


Addressing the needs of students in developmental...

Posted Thursday April 07
Author : Mel Garber, W. Dennis Epps, Matt Bishop, Sue Chapman
Public Source: Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement

How can universities build stronger ties with their surrounding communities and support student learning in the process? The University of...

Posted Thursday June 09

How can educators, business and city leaders work together to impact students' abilities to complete college and build careers? Read about...

Posted Tuesday May 31

In financially tough times, is innovation in education possible? A May 10-12 meeting of the Communities Learning in Partnership (CLIP)...

Posted Thursday April 21
Author : Mike Moran, Jeff Seaman Ph.D., Hester Tinti-Kane
Public Source: Converseon, Babson College, Pearson Learning Solutions

The rise of social media has impacted every sector of the modern economy, and higher education is no exception. This study takes a deep dive...

Posted Friday June 24
Author : Christina Weeter and Nancy Martin
Public Source: National Youth Employment Coalition

The National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC) provides training and resources to organizations that support youth toward college...

Posted Thursday July 07

The College Board recently expanded its initiative on the “Educational Experiences of Young Men...

Posted Wednesday July 20
Author : Source: YearUp Inc.
Public Source: PR Newswire

Year Up announced a development of a new program called the Professional Training Corps (PTC), designed to provide a holistic approach to...

Posted Wednesday July 27
  • How can a relationship with industry impact what’s taught in the classroom?
  • How can...
Posted Wednesday August 17
Author : Fred Singer
Public Source: HuffPost Education

In recent years, higher education institutions have increasingly experienced budgetary constraints, requiring creativity in order to...

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