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A Talent Development Solution: Exploring Business Drivers and Returns in Learn and Earn Partnerships

For more than a decade, Corporate Voices for Working Families (Corporate Voices) has cultivated
public and private policies that promote the wellbeing of working families while strengthening
our nation’s economy and enhancing the vitality of our communities. Our partner companies lead
their industries in developing best practices that both help working families and meet bottom-line
business goals. Nowhere is this more evident than in Corporate Voices’ work on jobs, skills, education
and training.

A Talent Development Solution provides a summary of research Corporate Voices conducted over the past 24 months
identifying the practices, characteristics, and returns of innovative, business-led partnerships between employers and education providers. It presents a comprehensive overview of this emerging Learn and Earn field—an approach to the connections between employers and education providers that builds the talent pools employers need and offers employees the opportunity to gain tangible skills and earn a postsecondary degree or credential, and a path to a brighter economic future.

A Talent Development Solution explores the business impact of Learn and Earn partnerships, offering examples from some of the nation’s leading corporations. Profiled in case studies throughout the report are 22 best-practice companies that range in size, sector, location, and type of education partner. The report documents significant positive returns companies can realize by investing in Learn and Earn initiatives—impacts that go beyond building a talent pool, which is a key driver of Learn and Earn models, to employee engagement, diversity, corporate brand recognition and more.

A Talent Development Solution aggregates many lessons learned from Learn and Earn partnerships. A primary lesson is that Learn and Earn partnerships work. These partnerships serve business interests, enabling employers to build a better-skilled workforce by leveraging the strengths education providers bring to the table. At the same time, these partnerships create valuable opportunities for employees—especially for lower-income individuals, who often have no choice but to earn a living while they pursue higher education.

Finally, A Talent Development Solution provides willing business leaders a roadmap to establishing partnerships that leverage current workplace practices and policies, such as tuition assistance and flexibility benefits that enhance workplace performance while supporting the education and career aspirations of working learners.

At this time in our nation’s history, when Americans look to business for leadership in a challenging employment market,
Corporate Voices invites employers to consider the Learn and Earn practices presented in A Talent Development Solution.

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